Riffa Social Development Centre


The Riffa community center was established in 1982, ad it is one of the typical centers the building is   operated on many of the facilities, halls and rooms are equipped with the means and modern appliances. The center covers a number of areas including: East Riffa, West Riffa, Safra, Askar, Zallaq, Dour, Jaaw.


This center representes a number of programs and training courses. They are as follows:


  1. Make-up and Hair styling Workshop.
  2. Handicrafts Workshop.
  3. The art of sewing and cutting Workshop.
  4. Embroidery Workshop
  5. Agriculture Workshop
  6. Cooking Workshop
  7. Events and festivals programs
  8. Center Evening programs
  9. Child and youth club





Buliding No 225 - Road No 2508 - Block No 925

East Riffa

Telephone No: 17102329 - Fax No: 17102393


Working Hours: Sundy - Thursday form 7:00am to 2:00pm


Location on Google Maps: Riffa Community Centre











































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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