Sitra Social Development Centre


The centre was established in 1988 in an area with a high population density and it covers the following areas: Sitra, Aker, Ma'ameer, Nuwaidrat. The center hasd special attention to awareness programs, family development, and the development of family life, and made ​​a lot of programs aimed at developing the awareness of parents to educate family members and  parents about the economic, social ,health and educational issues.


This center has focused on the development of handicraft project which aims to develop and raise the capabilities of women through training courses relating to the work of cutting and sewing and computer training and special courses adornment women hair and Make-up Art.


In the area of ​​addressing social problems and provide financial subsidies to the needy, the Center has conducted several field research by Alachtsasiat of sociology to study the issues and family problems and develop appropriate solutions.



Building No 94 - Road No 702 - Block No 607


Telephone No: 17102303 - Fax No: 17102393


Working Hours: Sundy - Thursday form 7:00am to 2:00pm


Location on Google Maps: Sitra Community Centre
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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