Programs of Specialized Productive Units


Productive Tailoring Unit


An advanced productive program on ordinary sewing. It provides intensive training for those who have completed the ordinary sewing course in order to work and make products in the specialized units at community centers. The 6-month course will be followed by a period of production and work as well as delivery of products to the community centers’ unit at the Capital’s Complex for products made by Bahraini hands. It also helps to turn the trainees into productive families.



Productive Kitchen Unit


Women are trained to prepare some snacks, ice cream and pastries for a duration of 6 months. The program opens the door for marketing the products made by Bahraini families and provide them with self job opportunities.



Home Farming Unit


The 3-month program aims to train Bahraini women to have interest in home farming, garden design, agricultural seedlings production, usages of fertilizers, and others for the purpose of providing jobs in flower shops.



Other training programs


Community centers deliver short-term training programs throughout the year in order to meet the needs of all segments of society, and by contracting with some specialists in official and private institutions. These programs are as follows:

1. Physical fitness

2. Alsmuk sewing

3. Crochet

4. Al Naqdah sewing

5. Candle manufacture

6. Drawing on dishes and miniatures

7. Incense making

8. Cloth patching

9. Wrapping gifts

10. Hand embroidery

11. Drawing on glass

12. Art of Decoupage



Organization of Local Exhibitions and Festivals


Local exhibitions and fairs are held throughout the year on social occasions for the purpose of marketing the products made in training programs and at the hands of productive families.





Community Partnership with NGO’s


The community centers, in coordination and cooperation with NGO’s, voluntary societies, charitable funds, and governorates, organize meaningful and useful programs and activities aiming to raise awareness and knowledge among community members. Such activities include informative, health, educational and recreational programs and they promote the principle of community partnership.



Family Awareness and Educational Programs


Awareness programs are delivered through guidance lectures and seminars related to family issues, whether directed to trainees at community centers or families in local communities.






Community Voluntary Programs

Voluntary programs and activities are implemented for all segments of society with the help of local leadership and in collaboration with NGO’s and specialists in social fields.









Children and Youth Club Programs


Children and youth programs and activities are delivered in a way that serves innovative and creative areas, directs attention to the social issues of children and youth, and develops their scientific skills in academic disciplines.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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