Programs of Specialized Productive Units


1.Providing cultural, educational and social events, activities and programs that contribute to strengthening national cohesion among all spectrums of Bahraini society.






2. Celebrating local, Arab and international events.

3. Holding exhibitions: Local exhibitions are held at various social events to market the products of training programs and productive families throughout the year.


4.Community partnership with civil society institutions and the private sector: The social centers, in cooperation with various ministries, government agencies, civil society organizations and the private sector, implement various programs, events and workshops that contribute to community service in addition to stimulating and upholding the spirit of social responsibility among the various parties.

5. Educational, awareness and social programs for the family: educational, health, entertainment, and social programs are implemented through lectures, seminars, and workshops related to family issues, whether directed to trainees in social centers or members of local communities.



6. Community volunteer programs: These programs are implemented for all segments of society through the assistance of local leaders and events and in cooperation with civil society institutions and specialists in social fields.



7.  Family developmental programs (click here): a set of training courses and productive units that work to develop theoretical and practical skills and experiences, and contribute to the acquisition of new experiences, and the development of previous skills that enable them to develop themselves and open up prospects for the labour market that enable them to increase their personal income .



8.Children and adolescent development programs (click here): These programs are implemented to serve creative and innovative fields, pay attention to social issues of children and youth, and develop their scientific skills in various academic disciplines.


























































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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