Ibn Khaldoon Social Development Center


The center was launched in 1989 and serves the following areas and villages: AlHidd, Samaheej, AlDeer, Arad, Qalali, AlNaeem and AlSulta.

It is comprehensive social centers, where the provision of services and development programs and welfare to the citizens in the regions and villages near by.


This center has been successful and significantly in the implementation of the development plan for the people of the region. The number of beneficiaries has reached to 700 women and child during years 2009-2010 in the areas of training, children's club and reception of divorced parents to see their children, in addition of registering for the  financial support with approximately 3000 references from  January to August 2010 





Building No 573 - Road No 4415 - Block 244


Telephone NO:17102351 - Fax No 17102393


Working Hours: Sundy - Thursday form 7:00am to 2:00pm


Location on Google Maps: Ibn Khaldoon Community Center





























































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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