Jidhafs Social Development Centre


JidHafas Community Center was opened Lin 2006, and proceeded  to provide programs and  social activities. The aim was to open the establishment of a community center in the northern governorate to serve the people of Legion and the neighboring villages and other nearby in that region, and to contribute to the work on the development of human resources and directing individuals to  enroll  programs awareness of family overall, child and youth club programs and activities, the study of social phenomena through research of social destruction, and activating the role of volunteers in programs and community activities, and to support the productive families projects in the kingdom of Bahrian, and cooperation with civil society organizations to establish common social and economic  programs


The training programs and courses are as follows:

  1. Handicrafts.
  2. Cutting and sewing.
  3. Hairdressing and make-up.
  4. Agriculture
  5. Coocking.
  6. Computer
  7. Making Candles
  8. Dolls Making


Building No 1097 / A  - Road No 1943 - Block No 419


Telephone No: 17102338 - Fax No: 17102393


Working Hours: Sunday - Thursday form 7:00AM-2:00PM


Location on Google Maps: Jidhafs Community Centre





















































































































































































































































































































































































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