National Centre for NGO's Support


National Centre for NGO's Support


The National Centrefor NGO's Supportin the Kingdom of Bahrain is one of the pioneering achievements and new additions of the Ministry of Labour & Social Development in the field of social development. The Centre aims to improve the performance of NGOs through providing new and innovative means and inputs that are far from stereotypes and imitation, and assist them in developing their self capacities and achieving their comprehensive development goals by means of communityparticipation at the highest levels of capacity and efficiency.


The institutional capacity-building of NGOs takes the following form:


  1. Establish an organization with a system, identity, mission, systems and mechanisms to be achieved in its local community.
  2. Acquire the necessary skills and experience to achieve the organization’s mission.
  3. Build a reciprocal relationship between the organization and community on one side, and with the active parties in the community served by the organization on the other.
  4. Create a learning system at the organization to assist in extracting its as well as others’  experience and retain it.


Objectives of the Centre

* Provide opportunities for increasing the capacity of NGOs.

* Build an information network to exchange information and expertise.

* Facilitate and encourage the organization of social forums and programs.

* Enhance civil work to meet the community needs and aspirations.

* Improve development programs, planning and implementation in accordance with the international standards.

* Develop mechanisms to engage the private sector.

* Promote and encourage volunteering and voluntary work.




Department of Registration and publicity

  1. The follow-up period of the boards of directors of NGOs and supervising the elections
  2. Follow-up and supervision of the conduct of the activities of NGOs.
  3. Providing legal advice.
  4. Issuing licenses for legal organizations.

Department of Registration and publicity Services:




Audit department of financial and administrative:

  1. Supervision and monitoring of all financial activities
  2. Provide administrative support to the fund to support the work of civil society.
  3. Provide financial and accounting consulting for NGOs.



ِAudit department of financial and administrative Services:


Types of Support

  • The Centre offers two main types of support:
  • Technical Support and Financial Support (See Technical Support)








Building 258 - Road 4007 - Block 340 Jufair

Tel: 17102339 - Fax: 17102393
























































































































































































































































































































































































































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