About MLSD


The Ministry of Labour and Social Development is working to implement an integrated system of services for various segments of society. It also seeks through it to achieve welfare and social security, provide decent work opportunities, and enhance the work environment. In addition to providing various services and social care, according to a tight organizational strategy that aims to contribute positively and effectively to regulating the labour market in Bahrain. The Ministry was able to do all this by developing legislation, laws and regulatory procedures in line with the changes in the labour market, and to achieve effective integration of the national workforce in various economic sectors. In addition, the Ministry draws up the methodologies for developing the national workforce in the private sector in order to achieve real investment in the human resources of the Kingdom of Bahrain.

The date of establishing the Ministry goes back to nearly 64 years, when the “Labour Office” was established in 1955. Then in 1957 it was transformed into the “Department of Labour”, and switched to the “Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs” in 1971. However, in 2005 the labour sector was separated from the social affairs sector, two become two entities: "Ministry of Labour" and "Ministry of Social Development". As this transformation contributed to the improvement of services provided to citizens, and many initiatives and pioneering programs were implemented that led to building an integrated community protection system at the levels of work and social development.

In 2014, when the new government was formed in the Kingdom of Bahrain, which included the re-merging of the Ministry of Labor and the Ministry of Social Development, to become the Ministry of Labor and Social Development. Accordingly, the Ministry has continued to exercise its service and development role with finest quality and distinction, and has strived to provide the most comprehensive privileges for the benefit of all segments of the society.






































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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