Vision and Mission


Our Vision:

Labour and social services, according to highest global standards, to achieve sustainable development.

Our Mission:

Provide distinct labour and social services for the beneficiaries through programs, initiatives and partnerships by local professional experts to ensure sustainability, fairness and competitiveness according to Bahrain's Vision 2030.

Our Values:


  1. Teamwork: Work in a team spirit and exchange expertise and knowledge.
  2. Creativity: Take the initiative to create new methods and mechanisms.
  3. Transparency: Executing tasks with accuracy, clarity and speed, while adhering to professional standards
  4. Communication: Maintaining effective coordination among all individuals and partners inside and outside the Ministry.
  5. Belonging: Developing a sense of belonging and loyalty to the Ministry in order to improve performance.
  6. Distinction: To make the Ministry of Labour and Social Development the best in performing its tasks.
  7. Cohesion: Protecting society from negative social problems and enhancing family stability to achieve social security.
  8. Empowerment: Enabling all segments of society, economically and socially, in order to enhance the principles of sustainability and competitiveness.
  9. Justice: The commitment of the public and private sectors to transparency and fair application of the law in providing all kinds of support to deserving groups.
  10. Partnership: Involving the three sectors of society (governmental, civil and private) in upholding social responsibility, in order to achieve the goals of sustainable development.












































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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