The Islamic teachings have set the principles and way of dealing with elderly people, especially parents. Hence, we find that dignifying, venerating, respecting, honouring and at least talking kindly to parents are entirely related to worshiping Allah, Glory be to Him. Such instructions of showing kind treatment are considered obligatory for every Muslim towards his parents in particular, and elderly people in general. In this respect, the Ministry of Labour & Social Development, through its different branches, provides various types of care for the elderly, of both sexes, who do not have anyone to support them.


The Ministry of Labour & Social Development pays great importance to our elderly fathers and mothers, provides them with various aspects of necessary care and protection, strengthens the ties between them and their families, and reintegrates them into their surrounding environment. The Ministry offers its services through a number of specialized care homes, which aim to provide social, health, psychological, living and recreational care for the elderly. Moreover, it strives to develop appropriate rehabilitation programs for them, and offers various types of accommodation for the elderly, whether intermittent, permanent or temporary housing.