Child Protection Centre



The Child Protection Centre was established in May 2007. It is a social welfare institution affiliated to Department of Social Welfare, the Ministry of Labour & Social Development. It offers protection for children up to the age of 18 years from all forms of bad treatment and negligence.


Child Protection Centre

UN Agreement for Child Protection

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 Child Protection Centre



ChildProtection Centre

Building No. 288 - Sheikh Duaij Street: 2510, Block: 325 Al Hoora.


Tel.: 17103280 - Fax: 17102394







1. Protect children from abuse in both the family and society.

2. Protect children from abuse during investigation and provide them with protection services.

3. Provide services and support for the child and family.

4. Rehabilitate the family in order to keep the child in his environment as much as possible.

5. Protect society against aggressors and calling them to account.





Cases handled by the Centre:

1. Cases of physical and psychological abuse.

2. Cases of sexual assault.

3. Cases of severe negligence.


How the Centre receives reports:

1. The Centre receives all reports relating to child abuse.

2. The Centre receives all cases transferred to it from the concerned bodies responsible for child protection at the ministries of Justice, Islamic Affairs, Interior, Health and Education, as well as security stations and public prosecution.

3. The Centre receives complaints and reports from children and their parents, as well as professionals from doctors, specialists, teachers and other citizens.


Procedures for offering protection:

1. Interview conducted by a social worker.

2. Medical and forensic examination.

3. Health care.

4. Psychological support and evaluation.

5. Social support and evaluation.

6. School support and evaluation.

7. Legal support and evaluation.


Services provided by the Centre:

1. Care for the child when exposed to physical or psychological harm.

2. Health treatment.

3. Psychological, social and educational services.

4. Coordination of legal and judicial services.

5. Temporary or permanent foster care in cases of extreme necessity.

6. Assessment of the status of the other children in the family.

7. Rehabilitation of the child and family, preparing the child for reintegration in his family.

8. Follow-up of the case at the academic, educational, psychological and social levels.







































































































































































































































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