1. Diagnose the disabled with physical and sensory abilities to examine their readiness and physical and sensory capabilities to develop a program of care and educational and vocational guidance for the development of those capabilities.
  2. To provide applicants with the opportunity to read newspapers, magazines, and educational television programs, and to play educational and entertaining games;
  3. To organize festivals and entertainment parties on the occasions celebrated by the Kingdom of Bahrain;
  4. To hold exhibitions to introduce the applicants' products;
  5. To develop and encourage the group of tendencies and skills of persons with disabilities, which would help them enrich their lives and occupy their spare time by means of recreational, entertaining and social programs and activities;
  6. To hold exhibitions and seminars highlighting their activities and vocational participation;
  7. To qualify and train the cadres working at the Center, to raise their efficiency and to develop their capabilities in the field of caring and rehabilitation of youth with intellectual disabilities;































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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