Abdulla Bin Yousif Fakhro Parents Club


The center was established in January 2014, and His Highness Shaikh Abdullah bin Hamad Al Khalifa (Personal Representative of His Majesty) opened the center in December 2014. The center was created with a generous donation from the family of Mr. Abdullah bin Youssef Fakhro. The center provides day care services for the elderly and is managed by a community partnership system.



Building 238 - Reyadh Street - Block 801 Isa Town
P.O. Box: 32333

Phone no.: 17103224




1.    Provide the best services and care to the elderly.
2.    Provide awareness and guidance.
3.    Activate volunteering for the elderly.
4.    Facing the challenges of aging.
5.    Take up the elderly spare time.


That the elderly be a productive element in society and provide services to him according to his capabilities and ambition.


1.    Providing health, social and psychological care for the elderly.
2.    Strengthening the relationships of the elderly with their social environment.
3.    Providing support and extension services.
4.    Provide the necessary training and rehabilitation to restore the experiences and skills of the elderly.

Types of Care:

The center provides day care for the elderly.

Admission Conditions:

•    The applicant must be sixty years of age or above.
•    The person must be a resident of Isa Town from block 801 to 810.
•    To be fit and pass the necessary medical examination.






































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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