Almanar Elderly Day Care Society (Civil)


It was founded in 2000 and was opened officially in 2001. Civil, government and private efforts have been synergized to support the idea of establishing the Home to serve the elderly during the day. The Home is managed by the Board of Trustees comprising the players concerned with the affairs of the elderly in Bahrain.



  1. Provide health, social and psychological care for the elderly, in coordination with the concerned bodies.
  2. Develop appropriate rehabilitation programs for the elderly and maximize the use of their abilities and potential.
  3. Strengthen the relationship between the elderly people and their family members and deepen social interaction with their surroundings.
  4. Provide care for the elderly whose families cannot take care of them during the day.


Admission Requirements:

  1. Be a Bahraini nationality.
  2. Not less than sixty years in age.
  3. Be free of contagious diseases and mental disorders.
  4. Have the desire to utilize the services of the Home and under the responsibility of the family members of the first degree.
  5. Conduct a social research which proves the applicant’s need to join the Home.


Admission Procedures:

  1. Submit a formal application to join the Home.
  2. Conduct a social research on the case.
  3. Obtain the approval of the one responsible for the elderly person.
  4. Prepare a medical file for the case.
  5. Conduct a thorough medical examination on the case.


Termination of Service:

  1. If the case requests to leave the Home.
  2. Death.


Types of Care:

1. Day care: A service jointly provided by the Home and the family for the elderly people in order to ease the burden on the family by receiving the elderly person in the Home for a specific period during the day after which he returns to the care of his family.

2. Family care: It is intended to provide some services in special cases to the elderly in their homes with their families in case it is possible to do so.


Services and Programs Provided by Home:

  • Health care programs.
  • Work therapy programs.
  • Social care program.
  • Cultural and recreational program.



Building 4392 - 1224 Muscat Street Corridor


P.O. Box: 33406

Tel.: 17683399 - Fax: 17680268
























































































































































































































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