Bahrain Parents Care Society (Civil)

The Home was founded in May 2010 under the Ministries Resolution No. (17) of 2010. The Resolution was published in the Official Gazette in issue No. 2951 dated June 10, 2010.


It is located in Al Muharraq. The Home was established by individual efforts of a group of people of Al Muharraq (18 figures) who are loyal to this country. It was built to serve our fathers and mothers and provide day care for the elderly residents who reached 131 of residents of both sexes.





  1. Achieve social well-being for the elderly parents who have no supporters or those whose families are not able to look after them.
  2. Provide opportunities for residents to exercise activities that suit their interests and previous experiences.
  3. Deepen the social and psychological compatibility and reinforce adaptation to life.


Services provided by the Home:

  1. Provide health and education services to a large number of residents from different areas of Al Muharraq.
  2. Hold Sakhir camp for residents and their families.
  3. Hold celebrations of Eids and religious occasions and organize summer and recreational programs for residents.
  4. Conduct medical examination by doctors and consultants.
  5. Hold recreational and tourist trips.
  6. Hold competitions inside the Home and organize meetings with residents and their families.
  7. Give eidia (gift money given on Eids) to a large number of residents.
  8. Seek to develop services and equipment at the Home for the convenience of residents.
  9. Coordinate and cooperate with charitable funds and other institutions and societies, and exchange visits and meetings.
  10. Implement the literacy program for some residents.
  11. Hold sessions for memorizing and reciting the Qur’an and organize visits to perform Hajj and Umrah for some residents.
  12. Provide and teach handicrafts and hobbies to get residents busy.



Building 176 C – Road 410 – Complex 204

P.O. Box: 24124 - Muharraq

Tel.: 17025335 - Fax: 17323400

mailto: bhpc.society@
































































































































































































































































































































































































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