Bahrain Parents Care Society (Civil)


TThe Bahrain Parent Care Association was established in Muharraq Governorate under registration no. (17) of 2010  to improve the culture of volunteering and giving to provide the best in the field of parent care by embracing elderly parents and providing day care for them and taking them away from isolation and unity senses, To keep them an effective part of our society, they need at this age for those who feel their value in life and that  they are not a burden on anyone. For achieving social welfare for parents who do not have a family or whose family circumstances do not allow to  take care of them, we must provide them with their requirements that they cannot obtain solo, and preventing their exposure, at this age, to worry about availability of their basic and necessary needs. Furthermore, we must provide them with great care and love with respect, which is nothing but the embodiment of our Islamic teaching and Arab values.





Building 176 C – Road 410 – Complex 204

P.O. Box: 24124 - Muharraq

Tel. no.: 17025335 

Fax no.: 17323400

البريد الإلكتروني:


Achieving the leadership in and excellence programmes in services provided to the elderly.


  1. The association must, within the limits of the laws in force in the Kingdom of Bahrain, achieve the following goals (provided that the services are free) according to the ability of the association.
  2. Caring for the elderly who do not have a family or whose family circumstances do not allow them to take care of day or intermittent residence between the association and the family according to the ability of the association.
  3. Providing health and social care for the elderly in coordination with the relevant government agencies.
  4. Investing their spare time and giving them the opportunity to practice any work consistent with their experiences and hobbies, as well as training those who are able to do some skills that have a positive return that will be benefited of them.
  5. Strengthen the bonds of the elderly with its family members and deepening the interaction with social environment, which allows him psychological compatibility and social adjustment.
  6. Helping the elderly belonging to the associations who have no family to fulfil some of their difficult needs.
  7. Preparing social and cultural programmes and entertainment parties for them in coordination with the competent authorities.
  8. Close relations and cooperation with public and private institutions working in the service of the elderly.
  9. Preparing, implementing and cooperating with counselling and guidance programmes for the families of the elderly and encouraging them to take care of them at home in coordination with the relevant government agencies.
  10. Developing and developing the hobbies of those who go to the association and teaching them some simple small handicrafts.
  11. Establishing and participating in charitable and social markets.
  12. Coordination with the official and private bodies working in the field of social work in a way that is beneficial to charitable work in the country.
  13. Advising on social matters.
  14. Issue periodic bulletins to cover the activities of the association and issue posters to explain the goals of the association.
  15. Holding religious lectures for the elderly in coordination with the competent authorities.

Admission Conditions:

Conditions for the elderly to accept the association as follows:

  • The elderly must be a Bahraini Citizen.
  • The elderly  must be free from mental disorders, infectious and sadistic diseases, or that require special medical attention.
  • He/She is joining to the association must be at he/she’s own free will and without coercive action by others and with the responsibility of first-class family members.
  • Approval of the Chairman, CEO and Director of the Association.

Admission procedures:


1.    Submit an official request to the director of the association.
2.    Conduct social research to ensure availability of admission requirements.
3.    Approval of the Chairman and the Director of the Association.
4.    Prepare a medical file.
5.    Conduct a comprehensive medical examination.


Reasons for Terminate the relationship:

The relationship between the association and an elderly must be terminated due to of one of the following cases:

  • Death.
  • If the elderly wishes to leave the association.
  •  Non-compliance with the association’s polices or its departure from public morals or the laws in force in the Kingdom of Bahrain.
  • Assaulting the elderly against one of the guests or members of the association's administration, and this is done after an investigation has been conducted with it.
  • To drop out of the association for a continuous month, and it must be notified in writing first.

Types of Care:
Day care is provided for the elderly and members of the association and it is available for (three days for men - Saturday - Monday - Wednesday) (and three days for women Sunday - Tuesday - Thursday).

Services and Programmes:
The association works according to the capabilities and applicable the laws and regulations to provide the following services and programmes:

  1. The association works to provide material and in-kind assistance to the association's members in general and the needy in particular, in coordination with good people from businessmen, companies and private institutions.
  2. Organizing meetings, festivals, workshops, scientific conferences, social, cultural, media and economic activities to integrate the elderly into society and achieve a decent life for them and develop their skills.
  3. Preparing and implementing educational programmes in coordination with the competent authorities that raise the level of awareness of associates in order to take care of themselves and improve their behaviours for a happy life for them.
  4. Providing workshops for craft activities and preparing them for interested associates to practice their hobbies.
  5.  Coordination with the health authorities in the country in order to conduct periodic checks for the elderly and provide them with advice and attention to the quality of food suitable for them.
  6. Exchanging experiences between the association and similar bodies and societies to strengthen the bonds.
  7. Participation in exhibitions and charity markets.
  8. Holding religious lectures and competitions to develop their religious knowledge culture and make them aware of their religious and world affairs. 











































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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