AbdulRahman Bin Jassim Kanoo Parents Club



The Abdul Rahman Kanoo Social Club for Parents was opened, operated in the Kingdom of Bahrain and was licensed as per the Ministerial Resolution No. 48 of 2011 issued by the Ministry of Labour and Social Development on November 20, 2011. It specializes in providing health, social, recreational and cultural care services for the elderly and the Hamad Town Charitable Society runs the club under the supervision of the Ministry of Labour and Social Development.



bu: 2122 - Road:433 - Block:1204

Hamad Town

P.O. Box: 40373

Tel. no.: 77311199
Fax no.: 77311188



•    Provide appropriate services for the elderly.
•    Preparing social awareness programmes and activities for the elderly.  
•    Providing a social climate and strengthening relations between associates.
•    Rehabilitation of the elderly to be an active person in society.

Conditions for admission to the club:

1.    The elderly must be a Bahraini Citizen
2.    The elderly must be sixty and over.
3.    The elderly must be free from infectious diseases.
4.    The elderly must be free from mental disorders.

Club acceptance procedures:

1.    Submit an official request to the manager of the home and fill out the relevant form.
2.    Conduct social research to ensure that the elderly need the services of the home.
3.    Obtaining the approval of the person in charge of the elderly according to Islamic law, if any.
4.    The approval of the competent department on the request.
5.    Preparing a medical file and a social file.
6.    Conducting a comprehensive medical examination.

Reasons for terminate the relationship:

•    Death.
•    If the elderly wants to terminate its membership.
•    Failure to comply with the daily attendance for a continuous period of three months without an excuse after the direct review with the affiliate and giving him another chance.

Types of Care:

•    Day care for programmes and activities.
•    Family care to improve living conditions.
•    Service sponsorship for other affiliate needs.

Services and Programmes:

1.    Entertainment and intellectual and intellectual development programmes.
2.    Awareness and health lectures and seminars.
3.    Trips and social activities.
4.    Workshops related to the elderly.
5.    Visits to social institutions and landmarks of the country.
6.    Practicing daily sports and exercises.




























































































































































































































































































































































































































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