Um Al-Hassam Elderly Day Care (Civil)


It was founded in 2009. Civil, government and private efforts have been united to support the idea of establishing the Home to serve the elderly during the day. The Home is managed by Um Al-Hassam Charity’s Board of Trustees and is technically supported by the Ministry.



Building 38 – Road 3503 – Um Al-Hassam 335,

Opposite to Salem Al-Sabah Health Centre

P.O. Box: 26636

Tel.: 17740585

Fax: 17740985




  1. Provide care and accommodation for the elderly who have no supporters or whose families are not able to take care of them, whether through day care or through permanent or intermittent stay at the elderly care center as per the capability of the latter
  2. Provide health, social and living care for residents.
  3. Invest the elderly people’s leisure time, provide them with the opportunity to exercise any activity consistent with their experiences and preferences, and train those who are able among them on some of the skills that have a positive impact on them.
  4. Strengthen the relationship between the elderly people and their family members and deepen their social interaction with their surroundings, ensuring psychological and social adaptation.
  5. Assist the elderly people residing at the Home and who have no supporters by fulfilling some of their needs that they find difficult to perform.
  6. Organize cultural programs and recreational parties for the elderly.
  7. Reinforce the relationship and cooperation with public and private institutions working in the field of elderly service.

Services provided by the Home:

  • Psychological, social, recreational and rehabilitation services to keep the elderly people related to the surrounding community so as to foster their feelings of psychological stability and security.
  • Communication among generations through the promotion of linkages between individuals in the community, and through outside visits, tours and various gathering events.
  • Health services, including physical therapy services and motor programs for the elderly people whose health conditions require so.
  • Handicrafts and vocational hobbies to keep the elderly busy during their leisure time, encourage them to recover their motor skills naturally, and urge them to rely on themselves.




































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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